The Longer Ones

Monday, November 7, 2016

My Days

So college is pretty cool so far.

I'm a statistics major but hey let's change it up to finance major and triple minor with economics, statistics, and management.

I'm an ambitious weirdo. First off that will probably not happen but hey at least I have a goal. Though unrealistic I'm fairly optimistic.

I'm high on life.

The sun is shining, I can keep on smiling, and if you look closeup, life is going up and up.

Passed two midterms.

Made food.

Doing homework.

And as I'm about to leave for school again it hit me.

I looked in my mirror and I found him. Look at that college student in the mirror. That college student. In a new state, with some new strangers, with hobbies and classes he loved. He's an adult. And he seems happy.

I am happy.

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