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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Am I Overreacting?

Let's do some political analysis on democracy with an emphasis on minority rights.

First off consider all six aspects of our democracy. This includes (1) Separation of Powers, (2) Checks and Balances, (3) Federalism, (4) Majority Rule, (5) Minority Rights, and (6) Judicial Review.

Let's look at the first two and ask a simple question. Are they working? Separation of Powers and Checks and Balances can only exist if there is an opposition by an opposing party in a different branch of government. If we look at the results, Republicans control every aspect of government. So no they aren't working.

A rebuttal to this argument is that not all Republicans support him therefore they won't accept all of his beliefs. Please notice the key word "all." The flaw in this statement is that though that is true, there will be some of Trump's policies that will pass very quickly. If I may list a few:

-Restrictions on or overturning Obergefell v. Hodges (gay marriage).
-Repeal and replace Obamacare (removing insurance from 15 million Americans).
-Extreme vetting for Muslims, refugees, and most immigrants.
-Build a wall (this is a joke, it won't pass but they can deport more people, increase border patrol, and restrict visas which can happen).
-Confirm an alternative right judge (opposite of progressive left, think of the anti-Bernie).
-Say goodbye to privacy and abortion rights (Sorry but under law these are intertwined together, privacy with abortion or no privacy and abortion rights).
-Expansion of corporate prisons and the death penalty.
-Removing equal pay and equal opportunity for women, and LGBTQ.
-Removing or severely limiting affirmative action.
-Creation of more Voter ID laws and voting requirements to restrict Millennials.

And is there anyone able to defend these? No. No there isn't. It'll all go the right with no restrictions. There won't be any compromise. There won't be any mercy. Just swift destruction of progressive policies.

Judicial Review can't help when it's also in control of the majority party. And it's actually worse considering that Chief Roberts is a conservative who practices judicial activism.

With no aspect of democracy protecting minority rights, it is easy to suppress their voice. Therefore I am still afraid.

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