The Longer Ones

Thursday, November 17, 2016

It's Snowing

It's been a while since I felt it fall onto my face.

People came out and started celebrating like something glorious and incredible and white was coming our way.

It was 12:30 at night. And people were dancing outside like the second coming was about to begin. Maybe I'm just being cynical but I don't understand why. At this point I just want to go to bed.

I can't wait for thanksgiving. My family is almost here and I've missed them a lot.

For once i think I just want to keep to myself. It feels darker and colder and there's so many questions that it buries me to the ground.

The Snow's falling. It's blanketing the ground. And it keeps getting darker.

But that's okay. As dark as it may be sometimes...'s always darkest before the dawn.

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