The Longer Ones

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Who Are You?

There's a lot of people everywhere.

I'm sure you're cool or perfect in your own little way. But you're not the only one.

Everyone in this college or university is special and has done things just as amazing if not more than you. Maybe there's times when it's hard to accept that but it's true.

This thought used to scare me. That I am in a place where I know I am not special.
Then homework and academics kicked me back into gear. In fairness I don't really mind that thought anymore. If anything I can have real meaningful conversations with the strangers I meet on a daily basis. We don't just spew a random talk about the weather or a sports game because in a way we know there's a million billion better things to talk about. Of course let's be real here, not everyone is like that, and if you want to meet the shallow, douche, and/or tool category, simply go to building nine (inside joke sorry). But what I'm trying to say is that it can be so much better than a comparison of beliefs and talents because that will only bring contention or regret or just self-pity. Rather we can grow from all of our backgrounds to become people that we are proud of. Because isn't that why we're here in college?

To learn and experiment and grow and find ourselves and succeed... among other things.

After a while I guess I just learned to stop comparing because it's not helping me. As Mark Twain once said, "Comparison is the death of joy."

I learn a lot from other people and it's really nice. I hope I'm turning into someone I like.

ALSO names... I can never remember them. There's approximately 30,000 students on campus, I struggle with that. But it's okay because if you give them a fake name like "Voltron," "Thunder Cheeks," or "Stormaggeddon," they'll think you're cool and give you a high-five anyway.

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