The Longer Ones

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Me Me Me

Recently my midterms ended. OR SO I THOUGHT! It never does. 

It's okay though, I've found my groove, I've found my friends and I know how to study so it's going great.

I've been smiling more.

Even though I haven't been seeing my friends a lot, when I do see them, I wouldn't trade those experiences away. 

A couple of nights ago, we walked under a waterfall and saw the stars diffracted in the waves. It was beautiful under there. We cuddled for warmth, and it felt like I wasn't alone, even though I knew they won't stay.

We left early because we heard there were clowns in the area. FRICKIN CLOWNS. And then we trekked back to our homes. 

3217. Home sweet home.

For a while I felt satisfied with the loneliness of my existence. In fact, until I was 14, I preferred it. In my defense, I have more time for myself, I have time to think, and it gives me the opportunity to do the things I want to do, rather than follow what everyone else thinks is cool.

I guess I was just starting to miss people.

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  1. Ayyyy dewd that's awesome. I think it's amazing that you're becoming more comfortable with yourself. It's really important to find a sense of self, especially at this time in your life with all the independence given to you and the sudden transition from adolescent to young adult. It's enlightening in a way. I'm really proud of yah dewd (~^o^)~