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Monday, October 10, 2016

Marriage talks

Ok wow, You'll be amazed at how much pressure there is to get married. In every other college it's, "hey don't get pregnant! Be careful! Carry a rape whistle!" But here it's normal to hear a parent say, "Don't get married, remember you've only been there for a month!"

Ay yi yi....

You know what the biggest turn off is? On the first date, going to their favorite chapel/temple, then listening to when, where, and how they want to get married. And if you're really lucky they'll tell you how many kids they want and their names. First off let me say that, THAT IS TERRIFYING. I can't even correctly fold laundry, let alone handle kids or a marriage!

I am but a wee 18 year old student. And maybe it's just me but that's not what I'm looking for at the moment. Even though apparently that's what everyone else wants right now!!! As a result of this contrast of beliefs, it led me to miss one of my dearest best friends, let's call her C. She's really cool and she is the very definition of what it means to be a feminist. I told her some of this situation and she sent me a sonnet to counter all of this pro-marriage propaganda.

A wench does oft dream of a long white veil,
To walk along an aisle unto a man.
But I, forsooth, shall never come to fail
To scape that fate of hell as best I can.

I can’t forsee myself committing aye.
I thus must say it’ll be over my corse.
To say I’ll be content would be a lie.
Alas, I’m apt to likely show remorse.

For ev’n if I met one with wit and brains,
I guarantee we’d fall apart in years.
The time would leave me heavy and with pain.
And being a wife, reducing me to tears.

Mark this, I know that marriage can exist.

But me, it seems it wouldn’t be the best.

Thank you C, and now since it's too early in the morning, goodnight.

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