The Longer Ones

Monday, September 5, 2016

One of my old poems

Sometimes they bicker and sometimes they fight.
Yet came to rescue you in times of need.
Exist to loving you with all their might,
Carefully trusting that you would succeed.
It’s never the best day without a smile,
So they made the sun come out everyday.
And helped you realize, it’s all worthwhile.
Who made you happy in all the best ways,
Do try their best, to teach you some life skills.
And hoping to God you will use them well,
They gave you freedom even though it kills,
But don’t you worry child. It’ll all be swell.
But now they leave, observing from above
In hopes that you find something that you love.

This is one of my old poems from last year. It needed to be a sonnet. For people who don't know, a sonnet is a poem with an Iambic Pentameter, a specific rhyme scheme (in this case ABABCDCDEFEFGG), 10 syllables per line, and it needs to make sense and be pretty and stuff. I'm posting this because currently I'm feeling a bit homesick. It passes, but I just wanted to post it to show the significance of family specifically the importance of parents in my life. They really taught me well and I wouldn't be here without them.

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