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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Ok We Need To Talk

Whoa maybe that was too serious huh... Where to start... Let's start off with me, because you're reading the blog of a semi-narcissistic weirdo. I understand I'm flirty at times. I understand I'm very enthusiastic at times. And I understand that I love talking and hanging out with people in general. But just because my personality is extroverted like that does not mean that I have feelings for you.

DTR: Define The Relationship.

A very important talk that typically occurs after a month or so of two people meeting, where they discuss their time together and have a mutual understanding of their relationship. I cannot stress enough how important a DTR is. Without it, one can over-romanticize the life around them and perceive signs where none exists. Without a DTR, no borders are established and when an unwritten rule has been broken, it can be damaging to one's relationship. And without a DTR, it can poison the very friendship most seek to preserve.

Why am I ranting about this? life. Just life. In college. With teenagers fully loaded with 18 years of repressed issues and quirks of their own. I'm not going to go into a lot of details (because I'm a college student and ain't nobody got time fo' that) but I'm pretty sure that either everyone is partly at fault or no one is.

It's freshman year and it's extremely easy to make friends, at least if you start with "hi." And, at least in my observations, it is because we were all sent into a brand new environment without the people that were close to us our whole lives. It creates a gap and a need for companionship or at least friendship and it makes for some really good friends, really fast. Of course there's drawbacks, for example since you're mom isn't there you might accidentally project your mom's compassion to your roommate and end up bawling like a deranged patient to your roommate. Whether or not this actually happened to anyone it doesn't matter, but the point is, it makes people open up and be deep very quickly. However as much as I love deep talks, there is a time and place for it. As obvious as it may seem, this is not always the easiest lesson to learn. Now that does not mean shallowness is good, because that lacks character and I absolutely abhor that, but assessing the situation first is always a good thing to do.

Anyways, as you can probably tell... People went way too fast, way too soon and BAM. Friendship poisoned. First off, it's LITERALLY the first week of college. Chill. Please. Just, can we not? Secondly DTR! But hey it's okay, I guess it's life.

It's not easy. And everyone experiences it a bit differently. For introverts, they tend to be hella friendly and flirty, which is good but can lead to miscommunication and mixed signals. It is a disadvantage at times, but it's my personality. And I wouldn't change it for anything. There are pros and cons for every situation in everyone's life and no matter how hard or weird or dramatic it is, we will always have a choice. How do you want to see the world?

For right now, it's 3 am I'm dizzy so let me end this with I love this world. I love people. I love you (in a hopefully not awkward way to whoever is reading this). And if random drama and tribulation comes my way, you know what? Bring it on.

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