The Longer Ones

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Student Camera Posts

Group 2
I think its about two friends fighting over the same guys then making up in the end. needed to be closer for tight shots.
Group 3
It's about a girl who sings badly gets a voice teacher and still sings badly. I think the shots we took were fine mostly. did a nice job on tight shots.
Group 4
girlfriend broke up with guy and became angry, found peace by consoling with friend. great camera shots and dramatic gestures.
Group 5
Practicing dance, then someone tripped and everyone laughed at him because he can't dance (bullying).
There are 3 things you can change in every shot, first of all focal length (zoom). second is angle by changing where it is. third is height to change the picture so it does not look the same. needs to change 2 of them for every scene change
Group 6

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