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Monday, September 9, 2013

criteria of newsworthiness

Criteria of newsworthiness

1. Unusualness- The different, the unusual, the out of the ordinary.
Example: "yesterday an airplane landed on Cali's parents"
2. Significance- Important events that affects many people.
Example: wars, elections, economy, plague, discovery of new things, taxes.
3. Timeliness- News that is brand new or is still happening.
Example: "only a few moments ago, 23 people were shot in MOA for allegiances with al-queda "
4. Proximity: People wants to know about things that can also affect them locally.
Example: "new breed of Spanish flu appears at local high school, 97 confirmed dead"
5. Prominence: Occurs when well known people, places, or things are involved
Example: "George Clooney finds Hitler's grave and burns it."
6. Human Interests: Stories about normal people or things or animals that brings out human emotions in viewers.
Example: "troubled teen sends love letter to girlfriend before killing himself."

the story we watched was unusual, new, and is in close proximity. A woman died falling off the 6th floor at UFM (University of Minnesota). brand new because it happened recently. Unusual because unless women are randomly falling out of the sky, something went wrong in this picture. and lastly close proximity because it happened in Minnesota at a close distance.

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