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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Camera Notes

Today you will be taking notes on Focus Statements and Camera Techniques 1. What is a Focus Statement? Define 2. Why do we need a Focus Statement? 3. Give an example of a Focus Statement sentence. 4. Give an example of a Focus Statement in 3 words: (Subject-Verb-Object) 5. What are the 6 Essential Equipment items you need with you when shooting an interview? 6. Why is a tripod important? 7. The Tripod is my ___________ 8. Define: Pan 9. Define: Tilt 10. Why are headphones important? 11. Why is it important to TEST YOUR EQUIPMENT BEFORE YOU GO ON SHOOT! 12. Define Wide shot: 13. Why do we need a wide shot? 14. Define Medium shot: 15. Why do we need a medium shot? 16. Define a tight shot. 17. Why do we need a tight shot? 18. What is a sequence? 19. Why do we need a sequence?

1. Sentence that says the whole topic of what your supposed top be writing about.
2. To have something so focus on and to help stay in topic.
3. Some girls are making their own dresses for homecoming.
4. Girls make dresses.
5.Six essential equipment is Camera, Tripod, Microphone, Headphones, Batteries, Media.
6. Keeps it steady and keeps the audience involved with the story instead of distracted with the hand movements.
7. Best friend.
8. Pan is camera movement that goes up and down and vice versa.
9. Tilt is camera movement that goes right to left and vice versa.
10. So that you are aware of the sounds you are getting live.
11. To make sure that all of the equipment is still working and is able to be used.

zoom magnifies the images and the movements.
zoom with your feet. 

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