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Monday, September 23, 2013

How to conduct an interview

Sound Bites/Interview/Conversations: need to talk to people so people can relate, move story along, interesting to viewer. Could the reporter say “1984 is the coolest place in the world” NO don’t make any judgements about your story let your characters put their opinions in the story. Reporter puts in the facts. “1984 has been open for 10 years…” Use the facts in the voice overs… You can say a lot with a very short soundbite. 10 seconds max. How to conduct an interview: Can I have you run the microphone up through your shirt and clip on your shirt. Or over the shoulder. Mics should be heard but not seen. "What is the weather like , having fun, Say your name and spell it for me, Can you tell me why you got into teaching. How is the transition going to be, Any hobbies, How did you get into that, what is the difference," 1.Casually start a conversation: find a commonality, don’t chit chat about the story save that for the interview. Break the ice, become their friend. 2.Say Name and spell it, what is your role here? What is your title? 3. Reminder: Reporter doesn’t interrupt during answers no "UMMS" or "Really" or Laughing 4. Videographer is getting the camera ready while reporter is breaking the ice. Videographer gives a signal when ready: clear throat. 5.Don’t make subject a part of the crew 6.Framing: Eyes on third always on all shots. OK to cut head off not the chin. 7. Videographer should plan shot framing. MEMORIZE: Eyes on Thirds, Nose Knows, Audio it’s always Audio have head phones , Background, Lighting RIGHT HAND TWO HANDS ACTION REACTION WIDE MEDIUM TIGHT: Left Hand

8. always ask if they want to include or say anything else.

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