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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Camera Notes Continued

12. Define Wide shot: 13. Why do we need a wide shot? 14. Define Medium shot: 15. Why do we need a medium shot? 16. Define a tight shot. 17. Why do we need a tight shot? 18. What is a sequence? 19. Why do we need a sequence?

12. wide shot shows the location of where the scene is about to take place.
13. its important because it establishes the setting of the story by showing the setting and its surrounding.
14.Medium shot is a slightly closer shot.
15. medium shots are used to see more detail by showing less setting, and focus on a specific area.
16. Tight shots are close up shots.
17. tight shots are used when you want detail or specific detail to film.
18. a sequence is a combination of those three shots to share a story.
19. it is important because it helps the viewers to fully understand the story. the combination of shots help the audience understand the story by showing the location, shows a focused idea and finally shows details about the story. Sequences shows continuity, to get correct sequences you need to think like an editor and practice getting correct shots.

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