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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

My couch

Let's talk about a really cool couch.

It's been four months since I redecorated my room. Now of course most people don't really care, especially because it's a dorm (that I rent) and I'm sharing it with another dude. But since he doesn't really care about how I decorate or redecorate this room, I have full creative power to change everything.

And lemme tell you... it looks pretty sick.

I got the idea from an old friend (who moved out of our hall) to move some of the couches. BACKGROUND. Each hall has a designated room for you with furniture already inside. However! in the basement and in the lobby there are multiple extra couches there. Now most would assume that we are not allowed to move furniture from the lobby... up to our rooms for additional comfort. But when I read and reread my housing contract it says nothing about moving furniture to my room (it does say that any damages will be charged to me though....). I'll be extra careful of course! and I already moved it into my room and it is heavenly.

This chair... oh this magnificent chair is the best thing going in my life right now. It's nice, extremely comfy, perfect place to study and type this post, and it's next to my toaster for a nice midnight snack (toasters are contraband by the way... so shhhhh).

This is probably the fun-est thing I've ever done in college haha.

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