The Longer Ones

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

It's getting harder

You know sometimes it just gets harder and harder to write about random things.

I realize I do this to calm myself down or to have peace but there are times when I flat out won't want to. One of my professors told me earlier today that it's not meant to be easy. It's supposed to be hard and often you won't even know what to say because you don't have anything too significant to really talk about.

Well you know what? Today I do have something to talk about! Not anything too dramatic of course... those stories are for phone calls or personal letters... no. Today I'm going to talk about a couch and a trip.

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  1. Mmmm... try typing out your thoughts down? Or if there really is nothing, then start off small like how your day went. To me, I think there's always something interesting to talk about whether it being something small or significant. It's just about how observant you are with literally everything in my opinion. Because of how observant I am and how much I think, my thoughts flow out very easily. I can post a lot on my blog in one day haha. But there's so much going on in my mind, I usually type down whatever comes to mind and eventually it narrows down to one topic that I can talk about more. Then I delete anything that doesn't relate to the topic that I focused on or keep in a different paragraph and somehow come up with a transition sentence to connect the two. I dunno that's just me lol. Maybe it'll work for you?