The Longer Ones

Friday, February 10, 2017

Look at the stars...

"I have to cover you up, you might get a burn."
"It's 3 am... and it's cloudy!"
"Exactly my point. You might get a cloud burn."

That was probably the weirdest excuse I've ever said to hug someone. It was a good hug; nice, firm, and it accompanied a long talk.

It wasn't bad or weird, simply fun. So many arguments, stress, and worthless conversations happen consistently on a daily basis, I almost forgot what a real conversation was. She just talked to me. Just talked. I missed that. Too often people will talk the life out of you using some dreadful emotions or memories that ought to die, that I forget how much fun it can be to be real.

Soon after she brought out a side of me I haven't seen. A kid. I was a kid. Even though it was 3 am or 4 am or whatever time it was, she made me feel like I was a kid again. It was so comfy, I haven't felt like this in a while and I really cherish it.

We even ran, played with sticks, had a tickle fight, and she taught me how to do a ninja roll. I guess you could say I had a fairly eventful night.

After our spontaneous picnic I came home. I put away my sticks, opened the window, and looked up.
"...look how they shine for you."

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