The Longer Ones

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

There's ads on this WHAT?!?!

Yes there are advertisements on this page.

Why? Because it helps me pay for college.
It makes it seem less empty.
I can turn it off whenever I want.

Am I selling myself?
I guess a little bit but don't we all?
To our jobs, to our ideologies, to our families, to our education, to our religion.
I think it depends on how you define selling yourself.
At the moment though I am in college and it helps.

Are they weird ads? I really hope not.
I do my best to screen them but the moment an inappropriate one comes by feel free to comment and I'll remove them all.

Other than that, I believe they're here to stay (until I'm not poor).
Also you have no idea the work it takes to actually set those up...

First of all I admire my marketing class and through it, it was simpler to set up. Secondly though some of my friends hate me for saying this, marketing is awesome. And lastly did you know you needed to be screened by Google before they allow you to have their ads?

It took a while. But it's here and I hope it works and doesn't distract you from my message (and if it does I make bank both ways soooooo cool I guess?)

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