The Longer Ones

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

So finals passed

LIKE A KIDNEY STONE!!! Well technically t'was two days ago.

I took two-three finals per day and I got through it all. In fairness it wasn't bad at all. AP testing was more stressful than this.

If finals was a movie, I would rate it 4/10 because the trailers overhyped it. I don't know how I can make it more clear. Umm it was fastest and gentlest kidney stone? It was like I coughed once and it popped out. It was so quick that if Jesus suffered the pains of just finals, he would only bleed for half a millisecond then wonder "wow that was faster than I thought."

I was a bit disappointed in one of my classes but it's still unclear if he's going to establish a curve, in which case I'm fine. For now I'm just chillin' waiting to go home for a flight that seems like an eternity away.

In other news, I am hungry alone and contemplating on what I want for Christmas. So far I only came up with a game cube and a mini TV.

Yeah nevermind that's a distracting gift.

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