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Monday, October 28, 2019

Ch 115 For Time and All Eternity

Before I start I wanna share a cool quick song. Every morning we wake up to some cool songs and I highly recommend listening to this.  or sing this song to yourself when you have the chance "Families can be together forever"

Whenever I say I'm a missionary, a few things pop up in people's minds like bible study and tracting (going door-to-door), and church. And then question people ask us is, "why do you do this?" "Why are you spending so much time doing that?"

And I think every missionary has a different answer to that question. One of my favorite responses is from a sister missionary a long time ago, she told me that she's "dedicating 18 months of her life so that they can be together for eternity." 

We teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that everyone can know the way to have love in their lives. So that they can truly be happy. And we do our best to show that. A lot of ministers or religions preach the gospel, teach you about Jesus but never actually show you how your life can change. Whelp a few promises from God to us is that our families can be together forever and that our homes can be filled with love. 

Last week we saw a family (a family really close to us) sealed for all time and eternity at the temple. It was my first time seeing that and I can't believe the progress they've made. we saw them in their trials and in their hardships and all that came with sacrificing to become like our loving Heavenly Father. We're so proud of them... it wasn't easy of course. but it's not meant to be

maraming beses baka tinutukso tayo o baka naalipusta dahil ginawa natin ang tama, pero kahit na nangyayari yun, alam ko na palagi Syang ngumingiti dahil pinili naten Sya kesa sa mga pekeng bagay sa mundo. Alam ko na totoo ang Simbahan ni JesuCristo ng Mga Banal sa Mga Huling Araw. At ang simbahan na ito ay ang tanging paraan para matamo natin ang buhay na walang hanggan, kasama ang mga minamahal naten sa buhay. kung sana nga lang matatagpuan nilang lahat ang kasayahan na natanggap ng pamilya na ito, pero kaya nga naglilingkod kami. Kasi kung ang pananaw namin sa lahat ng tao ay sila ay anak ng Diyos (kagaya Nya), alam ko na lahat lahat ay posible pag may pagasa at pananampalataya ating Panginoon.  

DSC02950 (1).JPG
Quimora Family being sealed
We trended on Facebook last week
I like holding my pitchers like this
this chicken pecked at my shirt
don't they look so cute?
Best feeling ever

-Elder Villanueva
Tayo Na Pilipinas! (Let's Go Philippines!)

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