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Monday, October 21, 2019

Ch 114 Breaking the Curse

This week is work. Just a lot of work. 
Umm a lot of stuff in my head but to be honest for a lot of my thoughts for the week, they're not the ones I can share. At least not yet. Lately, I've been worried about going home, because I just don't see myself as ready to go home? I've learned so much in my 19 months of being here and I just hope it continues. It's getting close and it's scaring me. a few days ago I got a reminder that I need to start my Doctrine and Covenants because I'm almost at 138 days left. To be honest, these two years are perfect to figure out who you want to be because you get to see so many different kinds of people, you can decide who you want to be, or what kind of family you want in the future, or what kind of companion you want and it's weird. And so uncertain, but let's focus on what is certain.

Got a few months left to work as hard as ever, I know I will finish all the standard works before I go home. I know I will find it. I know I will preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And I will do it while smiling like an absolute dork. 

Anyway last thoughts. We broke a curse. Our ward has gone through 4 companionships (7 missionaries) with no baptisms. and yesterday we did it. We reactivated a family and got em all back. They have friends they love the church and they love the truthfulness of it all. 

Rojo Family
With kids from primary
Some pictures I forgot to send from the fun run
More pix from the fun run
This is what I look like whenever I read my Old Testament

-Elder Villanueva
Tayo Na Pilipinas! (Let's Go Philippines!)

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