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Monday, November 4, 2019

Ch 116 Family History

Family- My family is doing great actually! My mom and dad are happy and they're excited about what I've been doing the last 2 weeks. So lemme confess to you about something. For the last 2 weeks I've asked Elder Holman if I can spend an extra 1-2 hours every p-day (around 3 hours total of computer time) so I could do some family history. And I'm hooked. To be honest I did it because my mom and a friend challenged me if I knew how to do it. So I tried it and I felt kinda hopeless. My parents were good at family history and did all the names already and took them to the temple already and ahhh I felt discouraged. But then I had an idea. What about my cousins? my grandparents siblings? So that's what I looked for. and in 2 weeks I have found 36 names. including my great grandparents and great great grandparents. When I read about the spirit of Elijah in Doctrine and Covenants I never realized how happy it makes someone feel but when I did it I felt so much joy I can't even explain it. When I called my mom and asked her to look at her family history she was so happy... and I'm so happy for her. Now I know who my great grandparents are. My Sister Shekinah reached base camp, she's heading down now. She'll be home in around a week or so.

Area- The Rojo's are confirmed and are active tithe paying members of the church, we are so proud of them and we know they'll do a lot of great things in the future. We'll plan to schedule a family history activity with them too so they can take them to the temple. Other than that we found 14 new people this week and we are so happy because it took so long for us to find them but they are ready and want the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are excited for them to progress in the church.

Companionship- Elder Holman and I had a very intense talk. it wasn't an argument, it was genuinely an intense talk and to be honest I've missed that. the last time I was able to have a genuine smart productive conversation was in my Accounting class, my law class, or when I was in debate in high school. But we got there. Usually when a situation happens I would've already made a decision and my role would be influencing my companion to arrive at the same decision I did, but for once it wasn't like that. It was even we came to a compromise and it was one of the most intense  but also meaningful moments in our companionship because never has my respect in a companion been this high. Elder Holman is a weird guy sometimes but I trust him. 

Exchanges- I went on exchanges with Elder Andres and he's a funny man. I like that guy. We had a solid personal, companionship, language study, and planning. He's a cool guy. Nothing else to say about that.

Tell a story- Elder Holman and I went to the Quezon Memorial Circle and it was pretty cool. Filipino history is so interesting. It's sad at times, but it's inspiring to see how much a culture and group people have persevered through so much hardship and become this country now

Self- I am happy. I feel like I just had a lot of my questions answered. I feel happy. Oh I also finished my Old Testament!! it only took 62 days!!! whoo-hoo!!!

-Elder Villanueva
Tayo Na Pilipinas! (Let's Go Philippines!)

I'm too tired for this... (and I wish there's blankets at church)
ha! get it?
3. 2. 1. K-pop poses!!
QMC monument


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