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Monday, May 7, 2018

Chapter 38 so I guess I'm back

Hey y'all so I'm back on the mission field!

I don't have a lot of time to explain with all of the grandeur majestic words that I usually use to puff up literally every essay I've written in my life so I'm gonna write quickly, efficiently, and might be filled with mistakes.

if you didn't even notice I came home well I did like 6-7 months ago because I was disobedient before the mission. during those 6-7 months I was at Walmart being a manager, riding forklifts, and working my way to repent and go back to be a proper missionary.

7 months later. I'm at an airport in Boston. because 2 days into my family vacation in Boston, I have been reinstated to become a missionary! yay. I've been reassigned to a different area though which is cool. but my flight was like hecka close to my flight home.

Anyway flew from Boston to SJC to pack.

6 hours later went to SFO to  fly to NAIA (Manila airport)

I got here, drove 2 hours, met the mission president. (fantastic guy btw, great voice, full of love). and met my companions and that's where the fun starts.

Elder Lutz - We're batchmates in  the MTC, he's hilarious, American, and we have the same music taste. AHHHHH God knows me so well.

But that's not all!! we're a triplet

My second companion is Elder Castro - a nice sweet-talkin BrunoMars-look alike who was a gospel doctrine teacher in the Calasiao 2nd ward (the same ward I went to before I was sent home). AHHHH Heavenly Father, I love how he has that sentimental side that just ties in everything somehow.

And from there oooooooo dang it's fun!! proseltyed for hours and hours till 9:30pm and ate eggs.

We proselyted a lot more through the week but lemme tell you some good gold nuggets. specifically 3 gold nuggets

their names are JM Gerome and Joshua. These guys aren't baptized yet but they're super cool cuz even though they're not Mormon they want to teach The Restoration with the missionaries, and in their free time, and every time we talk to them. Looking forward to their baptisms in  like 2 weeks.

what else... We also had 3 baptisms (it was cool) but that's not that important OOOOO showers!!! we have very ghetto showers. all of our plumbing broke so with the Power of God and much prayers we have fixed the plumbing using spare parts from an ironing board, duct tape, cardboard, and a funnel. It is so jank but we are one of the only apartments in the mission that has slightly warmer water. Not warm water... lukewarm. I'm so grateful of this shower because I know that 2 showers a day, keeps the devil away and most of my sweat lol.

Food is also sketchy but surprisingly delicious. I've only lost a pound. yaaaaassssss. It's better than losing 10lbs a week, so I'm very grateful and happy that I am not dying of hunger.

One cool thing we did though was Blitz. Our area is the first area in ASIA to attempt this. and I'm so glad to be a part of it. Basically.... in one day, each companionship was given a high tech satellite gps and all of the missionaries in the zone (like 20-30 missionaries) found every less active, member, new investigator, referral, and part member family with accurate GPS coordinates in one ward (my ward). It was the most ambitious geographical recording in our area and it was superr successful. We went from having 20 Progressing investigators to over 200 in one day with countless of Less actives to visit. Basically... I'm glad we're a triplet and I'm going to be very very busy.

-Elder Villanueva

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