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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Ch 41 In a Jiffy

I need to be quick 15 minutes left. I pray I can do this.

Life is going great. I had a deep obedience discussion with my companion that lasted 9 hours. basically I didn't sleep. also we only finished talking when our Zone Leaders woke up and yelled at us. I need to sleep more.




I'll work on it. or sleep later...

Life is fantastic, we're teaching, have a lot of receptive investigators and we are training our ward missionaries to provide EFFECTIVE REFERRALS. What this means is, all of the referrals we receive must already be progressing. read the intro of the BOM, prayed, gone to church once, know why they should be taught by missionaries, and have a fellowshipper. and because we set out this guideline and expectation, all of our referrals are amazing... basically through the power of organization, guidance galing sa Panginoon (from God) and some knowledge of accounting, life is great.

Also quick short story about family home evenings. if you don't know what this is, it's a time when a family can come together and share a spiritual thought, play some games, talk, and eat some food. anyways we have this one less active family, the primero family. they became less active because they didn't have enough money to travel to the church. So we decided to surprise em with some love. we invited 50 people to come over their small home. we all found a way to get in there and though it was uber hot they were surprised that we just came randomly with food and friends. we shared a quick talk about families and the church. That the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a FAMILY.  whether active or not, we are here to show you we love you, to show you we're here, and to remind you that no matter the mistakes or trials or tribulations in your life, you have a family. You are loved. By your Heavenly Father, by Jesus Christ, by your family in heaven, your family on earth, and especially by your family in the church. That if we let go of our fears or embarrassment, and let them in. If we let them in, all you'll feel is joy. and love. and peace unlike no other. that no matter how rich or poor, God loves us all equally, and if you let us in (us missionaries into your home). I promise you that life is going to get better. that you will have a change of heart to be happy. everywhere you go. forever.

anyway they went to church the following sunday. soooooo, I guess our surprise worked. Also I apologize but no pics this week and if you request for access for pics last week I'll approve.

-Elder Villanueva

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