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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Ch 40 Rice and Mom

Rice is amazing. I don't have enough time to share my deep intimate love of rice, but rice is amazing. It can be added onto every meal like chocolate milk, noodles, butter, cornbeef, eggs, milk, salt, bones, anything really. And because of rice, our life is very much paradise.

I have a story about rice but before that quick summary of the week.

-found every less active member in the ward

-Elder Castro my dearest companion transfers to Montalban to train an American.

-ate good food

-fixed the bathroom

-hopefully 9 baptisms from now to the end of june

-taught a lot

-found a demented tree

-I was only called a demon twice this week (whoooohoooo it's an improvement)

-I speak too fast

-excited for a package (thx mom)

-Mom apparently sent a package... I'm waiting.

-Called family for Mother's day

-Went to Stake conference

- "gusto mo ba ang gatas ng manok?" (I said this to little kids to freak them out)

-and finally got some gooooooood Jasmine Rice.

I'm having a lot of fun. yup.

Anyway my story. Today we were exploring on P-day and we were looking for a place to get cheaper rice. whelp we found a place. a niiiiiiiceeeeee place. It's called Shopwise. and it's kinda like a Walmart. It appeared in the middle of nowhere like mana from heaven and we went inside this adventure. Immediately there was aircon and life was well. We went inside and we found 3 american aisles. things I didnt even know I missed until I did. needless to say I splurged... not too much... just enough for 1 martinelli, some milano cookies, and flamin' hot cheetos. I wonder if cheetos can sponsor missionaries... I wonder... anyway, we kept walking and I remembered  we needed rice. because we always needed rice. And in the corner of the store I found it... 30 Kilos of fresh Jasmine Rice from Thailand...... immediately I thought to myself. This is the one. This is the one. We got the rice (which is roughly 60lbs ish?) and bought it and left the store.

And all was well until we went outside.


It was blazing hot but we pressed on. Elder Lutz and I finally had time to have a deep talk. though we were dying and drowning in sweat we talked about our mother's day calls. Stopped a few times, drank some water from our packs, and just shared funny stories. I remember my mom's cooking and the way she cares for us and it made the hike bearable. We kept hiking, kept laughing and when we got home I cooked rice the way my mom taught me and it was good. Yeah we're sweating, and low-key dead, but with some good rice, and with home and motherly love in our hearts... we pressed on and life is good.

-Elder Villanueva

Oh yeah "gusto mo ba ang gatas ng manok?" literally means "do you like chicken milk?" it weirds them out.

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