The Longer Ones

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Ch 6 Gratefully Derailed

My plan is well, I'm depending a lot on God for once. I'm reading more and finally doing what I need to do and I feel great. I just wish time would fly faster. I just wanna skip to the good part of coming back... or at least going to school... But I'm not ready for that yet.

I'm weak. Filled with imperfections but for once I'm admitting to it. I know what He wants for me, and I'm starting to know what I want for myself. And it's helping me feel something again...

A lot of times in the mission field or in life in general, I find people addicted to whatever because it helps them feel something or run away from feeling something... but for once... I'm feeling it (the Spirit, God's grace?) again. Like I'm younger, cleaner, and getting better.

A few days ago one of my friends asked me if I was happy, and you know what? my life is derailed. I really have a chicken scratch of a plan, but I'm grateful. I needed that to come back to the right plan. To the one that'll bring happiness to everyone. To the plan that'll bring us all closer together. To the plan that brings eternal peace.

"So are you happy?"

I'm not sure yet, but for once I think I'm actually getting there. 

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