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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Ch 97 Two Down, One More to Go!

For my letter this week, this is an excerpt from my letter to my mission president and I think it shows a lot about my feelings about the mission split. I'm about to be transferred to a different mission which is exciting and fun and I'm glad that this mission has helped me grow and whelp... I'm happy with the work I was able to give, hope it continues. Here's the excerpt from my letter to President Hughes. 

But this is what I want to talk to you about. I want to say thank you. Thank you so much because of all you've done to help me be who Heavenly Father needed me to be. When I arrived here my goal was simply to pay my debt. I saw coming back on the mission as a way to receive restitution from my previous sins. I didn't expect that I would sincerely change and work for the salvation of others. I was selfish and prideful and even if I didn't show it sometimes, I was an idiot. An idiot that seemed like I knew what I was doing. But I've learned a lot. From all the companions you gave me, I knew that they weren't given to me by chance, it was because you knew they were the ones I needed to sincerely change. Elder Lutz who taught me to work and put the work above all else. Elder Nelson who taught me the value of planning and following through with what we promised. Elder Ouabe who taught me to care... and to teach with heart. Elder Lowery who taught me what my potential could be if only we worked to truly save others. Elder Lewis who, like a mirror, showed me exactly who I am, and what I need to sacrifice to be who I want to be. Elder Bjornn who taught me how to show love and show sincerity. Elder Tumaliuan who taught me to be happy and to always have a goal in mind. And Elder Hough who taught me value or being emotionally mature. To have control of my emotions to be an example for everyone else, even if no one is doing the right thing. 

I've learned a lot. I've met a lot of people. I've taught a lot. And most of all I'd like to think I've changed a lot on this journey. Yeah, there were a lot of times that I fell into a valley of despair, but I'm proud of the boon I was able to collect, err learn. And I'm ready to share it with everyone else I'm going to meet today. 

1 more funny story. 
The other day we were walking and having a fun time. We were looking for a new investigator and we didn't know where to go to find it so we walked and walked and walked until we saw someone with potential! immediately Elder Hough went closer and started to BRT the mom. At that moment I decided I have to BRT the kids or the neighbors and then I saw something... In the corner of my eye, it was glaring at me.. with a devilish sinful look. Oh, it was staring at me but I looked. And it was too late. It was like David and Bathsheba and I could not turn away. I walked over a few buckets and came closer and I held her. Except it was him...
It was a chicken. Now You need to know the circumstances This is a gorgeous chicken. Thick thighs, longer claws, colorful feathers of brown, grey, black, and red. And it was about 2 feet tall. This chicken. No dare I say, This fighting rooster is the lifeblood of the family we were about to teach. The chicken is from the province and you know this rooster felt love. I held it. It was good for me. 

-Elder Villanueva
Tayo Na Pilipinas! (Let's go Philippines!)

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