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Sunday, June 2, 2019

Ch 94 The Elders' Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

So we had an okay day yesterday. It was alright. I mean.. was it the best. NO!! ABSOLUTELY NOT!! but it was a day. it was a dayful day. a day.

It started out alright. We woke up on time. I got out to work a little earlier and then it started. 
1.) my sock suddenly had a hole in it. This is okay.
Then I walked to the kitchen then suddenly I realized
2.) it's fast Sunday, I will fast for blessings and I will not eat. It was alright.
Then we walked out and proselyted before church, hopefully, to pick up investigators. then
3.) She wasn't there
4.) He wasn't there
Walked to the chapel. This is okay this happens all the time. Who knows? maybe they're already on their way to church. Anyway, church starts and we realize
5.) Every progressing investigator did NOT go to church... but every new investigator did.. this is okay
6.) Bishop forgot to say we have an upcoming baptism, his counselors chastise us for not reminding them enough
7.) An emergency happens in a different ward, we leave halfway through church.
We come back after our emergency to our ward and we find that
8.) one of our investigators is now very offended
9.) The ward is angry that we left and that we are late to one of our meetings
10.) a mom yells at us for not being better teachers. And wishes that her sons never help us  with missionary work
At this point. It was noon... 

I am not going to talk about the rest of the day because well it progressively got worse as the day went on. 

But I did learn something. With every good and bad thing that happens in our life, we always have the choice to see it as an opportunity to learn or an opportunity to judge. I believe that every criticism is a disguised compliment. Yesterday a lot of people were angry. But that's okay. instead of judging or criticizing we apologized and apologized and apologized and let them have their moment. As missionaries, we're only here but a season, but they'll be in the church forever. I would rather have them be angry at me than being angry at each other. Yesterday I admired my companion a lot because he taught me that. He taught me to smile and take it in, to never forget what you're here to do, even if no one will ever appreciate you for it. We had a bad day, but we did our best, and even if they don't believe it, I'm happy with what we're doing so far.  

-Elder Villanueva
Stay Awesome

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