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Monday, May 13, 2019

Ch 91 Zumba Lords in Acacia

You know when you play a video game. Any video game and you work so hard to get this one upgrade or armor or weapon or spell to make your avatar (Character) like ridiculously OP (overpowered)? 

Whelp that's what I thought was going to happen too. It's a lie. a cruel cruel lie. Lemme just get to the point
I got transferred this week to my 12th? 13th? area... in Acacia ward as a Baby ZL in Caloocan Stake. And it's nothing like I thought. 

I remember when I was so new to the mission and my ZL's seemed like the best and smartest people in the mission. They seemed like titans of faith. Little did I know, they were probably screaming inside like Chuckie was gutting their insides with a dull fork. 

I'm probably being overdramatic. Nope. Actually, I think it's fairly accurate. And to be totally honest it is my biggest stress. I hope and pray that I can be good enough.  I am so happy for the new assignment. I just hope I can reach the goal and expectation Heavenly Father has in mind for me and in Caloocan zone. I am doing my best I am happy that I'm with Elder Hough. He is teaching me a lot. I just hope I can make it. It's a strange feeling. I feel like I'm in training again and I feel like I'm not. It's weird. I'm competent until I realize I am absolutely NOT.

He's a nice companion Elder Hough. He's exactly what I need. He is diligent, soft-spoken, humble and reverent. Perfect for my loud, prideful, fiesta of a personality. 

Quick story though!! I was trying to get him to open up more the other day. 

Now he isn't really the most talkative guy. But if you ask the right question, you can get some cool answers. Like an 8 ball that actually teaches you things. Anyway our first few days together I got him to think/dream about his perfect wife. And he said and I quote
"I like firm butts." -Elder Hough

Now I know it does not seem like a big deal but this is an achievement.  It's okay if you don't understand, it's just one of those things that made my day.

Anyway I digress, Life is so tiring. I've never felt so tired more tired than in my situation but even though life is so tiring Heavenly Father always gives us those small simple miracles every day.

Like yesterday! we saw a concert and fireworks show because it happened right outside our house!! Perfect for my first week in this Zumbatastic adventure, hope we'll continue to have some fun adventures (;

-Elder Villanueva
Stay Awesome

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