The Longer Ones

Monday, May 6, 2019

Ch 90 Chill Sick Days

So this past week was really really dope. I had exchanges and we went to one of the sketchiest neighborhoods in the Philippines!! it was so exciting!! Picture down below. The cool thing about this neighborhood is that it's not just 1 level of small tunnels and weird caverns. THERE ARE ALSO STAIRS AND BASEMENTS!!! it keeps going and it makes a really cool and low-key terrifying maze (;

Except it would've been better if I wasn't sick. Halfway through that day, I lost my voice so I chugged 300 ml of Robitussin (by the grace of God I am not dead), and then immediately my voice came back! Perfect for a few more lessons!! We found a lot of new people and life is good. The next day though I passed out and had very colorful dreams. And that's about it. Nothing new sorry!!!

-Elder Villanueva
Stay Awesome

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