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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Ch 88 Kalokohan in Caloocan

Hi, guys so I got transferred and lemme tell you 4 cool words that we all ought to apply more. It's 4 words that are so important Americans even printed them on some dollars. Those words are:
"In God We Trust"

Last week I got hit by a curveball and didn't know what was going to happen but like in a trial. We will eventually see our purpose of why we are there, see the blessings on how our lives can change, and will greatly appreciate God's loving corrections IF IF IF we are willing to humbly submit to His will. 

In fairness, this area is kind of cool! we have a great worker with us, our ward is incredibly supportive and it's super city!!! I miss cities!!! But anyway here are pictures of me after a 14-hour workday. Notice the exhaustion. The lack of care about how I look. The bags under my eyes. The messy tie that matches the messy hair. The nametag that's browning from the radiation. And how puffy my shirt looks. So much has changed... it's great (;

Fun things that happened this week:
-An investigator slapped me this week for saying hi.
-I was threatened only 3 times
-I stabbed a basketball
-had a solid earthquake (Don't worry I did not die)
-found a few golden investigators
-saw a monument to Edsa People Power Movement
-Got free jeep rides for singing in a jeep
-got a lot more food than expected
-Went to the temple
-These 3 women (around my age) walked up to me and said, "You're a cute Korean." Then ran away. It was a good confidence booster. 

Stay tuned to next week's adventure of your favorite awkward missionary's wisdom and woes.

-Elder Villanueva
Stay Awesome

IMG_20190420_185521 (2).jpg
"oh me and my dorky smile"
"if you look carefully the book is upside down! Just kidding...."

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