The Longer Ones

Monday, April 1, 2019

Ch 85 Weird Dreams

So lately I've been having some really weird dreams. 
Lemme tell you about it!

In my dream, I wake up in my apartment and I see Elder Bjornn sitting in a corner, hugging something. I ignore him and I walk towards the fridge. I get something to eat. 
Time flies and...
We're teaching random investigators and we are on our way home. We get on a Jeep and we head home. 
Time flies again...
I am on my bed about to go to bed when I see Elder Bjornn again sitting in a corner, hugging something. 

"Elder What're you hugging?"
"A pillow... If you hug it this way it makes it seem like you're actually cuddling with someone"

At this point in the dream, I hug my pillow and I wake up. I would wake up in real life and I'd be hugging my pillow really tight. 

Two mornings ago Elder Bjornn noticed me hugging and he asked me the same thing. 

"Elder? what're you hugging?"
"If you hug a pillow this way it makes it seem like you're actually cuddling someone"
"Oh...  I wonder if I could slow dance with pillows too"

And that's the story of how a few weird dreams led to me hugging a pillow on the cement floor while Elder Bjornn forces 3 pillows in a pathetically sad slow dance. 
APRIL FOOLS!!! yeah, that didn't actually happen!!

-Elder Villanueva
Stay Awesome

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