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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Ch 127 Thoughts at the Temple

I have a story about today. Today we had temple p-day and we had a fun time. at first, we were happy and excited but got a bit stressed because gathering missionaries is like trying to herd cats.  So we went to the distribution center and gathered our zone so they're ready for their sessions. And then we noticed 1 companionship not going to the temple. A few elders went back and said they weren't participating in the temple today with the saddest tone in their voice. And we told them, "Don't worry we don't want you to be alone, we're here for you." They seemed really out of it so we sat in the annex and talked about the importance of temples and why we're here as missionaries. it's weird because I feel like everything I said wasn't meant for them, it was meant for me, but regardless of who it was for, it is true and we needed to hear it. After our talk, we pondered while reading our scriptures and we knew us sitting out there had a purpose. It's true we might've missed our session but it was alright. I think at that moment we were needed elsewhere and it reminded all of us of the reasons we are here and the sacred nature of why we need to do our best all the time. we needed that. 

Being an intentional disciple of Jesus Christ can be hard because we're human we make mistakes and a lot of times we're not perfect we don't feel like we're good enough or worthy enough but the temple is "not a sanctuary for the perfect it is a hospital for the repentant sinners" and isn't that all of us? I love being in there but today though we weren't able to go inside we still learned a lot. even outside the House of the Lord, being in its presence grants us the revelation we need.

-Elder Villanueva
Tayo Na Pilipinas! (Let's Go Philippines!)

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