The Longer Ones

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Ch 10 Meekness in my Voice

I know it's been a while but before I post this, I had to be sure that I was being honest with what I'm saying and making sure that what I felt was true.

A few weeks ago I called an old friend, and she said that I sounded different. A bit sadder. A bit more somber. To which I responded with, "just with a different perspective." I kept thinking about my answer for a while (basically since my last post) and pondered what I meant with this perspective.

At first I wasn't necessarily sure if this was a good thing. My sister sometimes asks me the old me disappeared and not really, just different.

Maybe for the first time in a while I can finally slow down and look inwards with what I think and feel and want. Or maybe I just became more introverted. Or maybe for the first time in a while I don't feel like pretending or being something else.

A few weeks ago I called an old friend. We caught up on life, discussed goals, some accounting jokes, and asked why I sounded different. What sounded different?

I'm feeling...
Grateful. Maybe a bit lowly, but Grateful.

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