The Longer Ones

Monday, October 9, 2017

Ch 8 Living in a Dream

Dreams. Dreams are a cool topic. I dream of being an accountant!
That says a lot about my personality already.... but that's not the kind of dream I'm thinking of. Oh no. These dreams are the ones we get everyday. The ones we easily forget, or long to remember. First off my English has been sucking lately, so let's hope my vocab skills are still somewhat there.

What do you dream about?

I should ask that on a date.... whatever. I dream of weird situations. Sailing a boat. Being kidnapped. Building legos. You know casual stuff like that! And occasionally there's one or two nightmares but those rarely occur.

Recently though there's this one dream that keeps repeating over and over. What's that word again... a reoccurring dream! I had a reoccurring dream of me in someone's house, teaching a lesson with my companion. I've never met him but he seems familiar somehow. Anyway I was hungry and tired, but I was still teaching. Sharing them what I knew and it felt good. I know that at the end of that lesson they might reject us but afterwards we said a quick prayer, wished them luck, and went on our way. And I wake up.

It keeps repeating every other night or so. And it makes me happy, like there's something more ahead or a joyful account of what could've happened... but for right now it is what it is. It's only a dream.

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