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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

This One Sexy Plan

It all came together so well.

When it arrived I had Hannah, ready on standby.

We taped the stamp so I wouldn't know if it's domestic or foreign ($2 stamp=foreign, $1 stamp=domestic). And Hannah immediately took the package so I can't feel thickness or weight (foreign=10 pages thicker for visa and passport info, domestic=light and it doesn't hurt when you slap me with it). I only allowed myself to look at that package and nothing else for 3 more days until Sunday. The only clear thing I saw was those words... "Elder Asian Narwhal."

Now why Sunday? is Sunday just inherently more special than Friday? Why did I choose Sunday?

Simple. Visiting hours. I wanted Shekinah and my closest friends to be there with me when I open my call without my family noticing. You see whenever I call my parents, it's almost always on my regular chair in my dorm and that's about it. I FaceTime them. But since I do it in my room, women are only allowed in here at certain times (7pm-9pm on Wednesdays and Sundays). Therefore I waited till Sunday to open my call.

When the time came on Sunday night, everything was in place. In the room there only 5 people, we all had to be here on time, and each of us had a role. Hannah held onto my call and locked it in her room until the time came. Grayson opened my call and arranged it so that I may read it without knowing where I'm going for complete anonymity. Vanessa was there to calm me down to make sure I can talk to my parents normally. Shekinah was there to call my other sister Jannica so she can witness me opening my call. And lastly there's me, praying, oh so praying that it all works out.

I called my parents and told them the news. I told them that I was opening my Cambridge acceptance letter.

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