The Longer Ones

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Patience and Long Suffering part 4. FRICKIN 4.

I waited for so long!!!

4 and a half weeks....

It was painstakingly hard.

When people say it's difficult to wait for your call, I can testify from first hand experience that it SUCKED.

Days were long, times were hard, and the whole time I knew I couldn't date and that I had to be alone and study scriptures.

I felt like a monk but worse... the temptation was right there. THINK OF THE MISSED OPPORTUNITY COSTS!!!

It was so long I decided to title this time as "patience and long suffering," with a new part for each week.

You know they even lost my call in the mail... from SLC... I could've driven and picked it up but nooooooo.

During this time I went through phases, joy & gladness>impatience>cynicism>repentance, then it starts over.

HAHAHA I remember there was even a time when I sent a letter to church headquarters saying something that resembles, "have you heard of FedEx? there's this thing called 2 day shipping and I really think my tithing money should go to that." I got very impatient at times....

But that was okay! When my call finally arrived on April 7th at 8:05am MTD I had a plan and it was all coming together.

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