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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Ch 83 Having a Fun Mindset

This week was a funnier week. My companion and I just had a lot more fun. 

A quick moral lesson thing. Every day there are a million billion decisions that go off in our heads and whatever decision we decide will ultimately decide the outcome of our day. That's a gift that God has given to everyone. Good or bad, black or white, tall or short, everyone has been given the right to choose. However even though we have the right to choose, we don't have the right to choose the consequences of our actions. Example: we can choose to steal a car but we do not choose the judge ruling if you get caught. Get it? It seems simple enough but it needs to be mentioned. Whelp that example might be a bit too much though.

Let's think a little smaller. Inside our heads. We all have the choice to decide our mindset towards a specific thing/situation/action. (if you have a mental disability or disease that might affect that but if there are none this is mostly true). I think every day we have a lot of small and simple decisions that instantly determine our day. like will you wake up?  will you smile? will you make your bed? will you care? 

A typical day in the Philippines can be happy or sad like anywhere else. Yeah, I was a bit down and angry last week but I think looking back it was because I was in a mindset that judged everything in a negative light. I forgot my purpose and I forgot why I wanted to serve but I know if we focus on our purpose on why we're here and where we want to be.  We can get there.  

This week we tried a little bit harder to be happy. For some, it might be a lot of effort but I think if you really value happiness, that effort is the price we all have to pay to get there. Nothing in life is free but I believe that the most valuable things in the world often have a big price tag. Whether an expensive car or just being happy. There's a price we need to pay to get there if we focus and do our best. My life isn't really that exciting even though it might seem like it. but here are ways we made it more fun.

-Elder Villanueva
Stay Awesome

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