The Longer Ones

Monday, June 18, 2018

Ch 43 Stressful Adventures

I have a new area. And a new companion. And new whelp everything. I can’t really explain everything right now so I’ll just be quick about what’s new
I’m currently in San Jose Del Monte Ward right now. The bishop’s great and the ward is fantastic and we’re hoping to get a new meeting house!! Whoo-hoo!!!!
My companion right now is Elder Nelson and he’s funny
And the old missionaries in the area is incredible because they showed us where all the people lived.

Quick story/description. Bukid. What’s a bukid? Field/country/boonies. Anyway we’re in the bukid looking for this one member and we heard a deep mooing sound. It was weird we thought they’re cows around us. You know naturally. But nope we looked around and saw no cows. We kept hearing it.


“Dang what is that!?”

Then we saw it. In the distance. We looked at it. And it hopped closer. Yes hopped. And it was huge. A frog. Just slightly bigger than our heads. And you know me, i have a pretty big head. But i am certain that it was waaay bigger than my head. Croaking like a cow... and then we knew that this was a massive frog. Yup thats about it. That’s my story. It hopped away really quickly. Probably to look for its girlfriend.

In the bukid there are also fish in the palayan (rice patties), some carabao, and giant bats and moths and skinny horses that look sad.

Elder Villanueva

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